Quick Start Guide [PDF Version]

The front page of the AddressingHistory website ( http://addressinghistory.edina.ac.uk/ ) introduces the project and links to our social media presences ( Facebook , Blog , Twitter ).

The top of the screen shows tabs that help you navigate to key areas of the site including Search the Map, API, and Login links.

AddressingHistory Home Page

In AddressingHistory there are three main ways to search the post office directories (PODs):


Click on this link to access the People Search which looks through the full listings of all PODs and will return both personal names and some business names since both are listed in similar ways in the directories.


Click on this link to access the Places Search which looks through the full address listings in all PODs and can therefore search for house names and numbers, street names and areas.


Click on this link to access the Professions Search which looks through the professional descriptions listed in all PODs. Many entries do not have professions listed in the original directory and some professions are listed under different but similar terms. If you would like to look at the most regularly occurring professions in the PODs please have a look at the "What professions can I search for using AddressingHistory?" section of our FAQs.

AddressingHistory Blog