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Click on the "People" link on the Front Page or select "people" from the drop down search box on any other page to begin a People Search:

People Search

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On the top right hand corner of this page is a search box in which you can type the Surname you wish to search for. You can also search for some business and organisation names using this search box as the Post Office Directories contain a mixture of personal and business listings.

Select a specific Post Office Directory

By default the People search will search all of the PODs for the name you have entered. If you wish to specify a particular directory you can use the drop down box to select your chosen POD. The list of PODs currently included in AddressingHistory can be found in the FAQs.

Show historical map overlays

By default your search results will be shown as pins on a modern map of Scotland. Zooming in to a particular city or selecting a city from the drop down "Select a specific Scottish Post Office Directory" menu will refocus the map and filter the results to your chosen city with the results shown as pins on both a modern map and any appropriate historical map overlays.

If you select a city (or both a city and a year) when you first run your search then the results will be shown on both a modern map and the appropriate historical map overlays. At any time you can choose to view any combination of historical maps by selecting or deselecting any of the check boxes from the "Show historical map overlays" section which can be found by clicking on the double arrows in the grey area to the right of the map (just above the “Reset Map” link).

You can see a full list of the maps used in AddressingHistory in the FAQs section of the website.

Clicking the "Reset Map" button at any time will return you to a default view of the map zoomed out and featuring all three map overlays.

Search Results

When you search for new People you will see a list of results and a series of pins on the map.

Each result represents a single entry in the PODs - this might be an individual, a business or an organisation.

The address is shown and, where possible, will also be represented by a pin on the map (not all results will correspond to a map pin). To find out more see our Post Office Directories (POD) Guide.

In some cases there may be multiple addresses, transcription errors, etc. See our Known Issues Guide for more information on particular people search issues such as gender disambiguation. We would welcome your help in making corrections or reporting problems here via the "Contact us about this entry" or "Edit this entry" buttons.

People Search Results

Map Navigation

You can view the maps at various different levels using either the slider on the map or by using the scroll wheel of your mouse.

The slider position nearest the + sign is the most zoomed-in level showing the map at street level whilst the slider position nearest the - sign indicates the most zoomed-out level (a worldwide map).

Please note that many of the historical maps will only be visible at slightly zoomed out levels. If you wish to place or view a POD entry at the more precise zoomed-in level of the map you will see a modern map of the relevant area.

To move around the map you can either use the arrow buttons shown in the top left hand corner of the map or you can click and drag different areas of the map into view.

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