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One significant deficiency of the Post Office Directories is that the addresses are not geo-referenced. Geo-referencing will enhance the collection immeasurably as it then makes explicit spatial search and discovery.

Crowd-sourcing through the AddressingHistory tool will, it is envisioned, lead to a fully geo-coded version of the digitised directories thus providing significant added-value to the general public, local historians and specialist researchers across multiple disciplines.

Access to the AddressingHistory tool, API and website are free. You can search the Post Office Directories for surnames, professions and placenames. The online tool will also allow you to enhance the information we have already extracted from the digitised Post Office Directories.

By registering for an account you will be able to find historic addresses and place them on the map and edit addresses, names and professions so that we can build up a rich database of historic addresses that can be viewed and compared.

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